Restore Your Essential Being with Reiki
in Toronto, ON

Trust the healing hands of Reiki Master Robert Young when you join us for Reiki in Toronto, ON. Universal energy is powerful and transformative and allows us to realign critical channels in our bodies. Talk to us today about how you can restore the balance of your body and soul.
Book an hour-long session, add it to your massage treatment, or learn how to give Reiki to yourself and others when you attend a level one Reiki weekend workshop.


Reiki expresses the synthesis and unique inter-relationship of the Rei, meaning universal life-force energy, and the Ki, meaning individual energy. The Rei flows through the hands of the practitioner and helps to align the energy of the recipient. A Reiki treatment will gently and effectively open blocked meridians and chakras, bringing health and wellbeing to the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. The daily practice of Reiki involves a relationship with the Rei, spiritual precepts for healthy living, and hands-on-care. Giving and receiving Reiki is a profoundly relaxing experience.

Learning Traditional Methods

Reiki is a spiritual practice that was rediscovered in 1922 by Dr. Mikao Usui, a Japanese Buddhist. Reiki was introduced to the western world by Hawayo Takata in 1936 as an oral tradition handed down from teacher to student. Since then, this approach to healing has been adopted by various teachers of diverse traditions. Robert began his study of Reiki in 1992 in Hong Kong. In Canada, he incorporated the concepts and theories of Reiki into a daily practice and, in 2004, attained Reiki Master under the supervision of Reiki Master Leah Brenda Smith.

"Just for today, let go of worry,
worrying is like praying for what you don't want"
Reiki Precept

Reiki In Kanji